Is Willie Nelson Going to Jail for Marijuana?

Is Willie Nelson going to jail for marijuana possession? It appears it could be a possibility for up to one year according to recent reports. According to this story, a West Texas judge has rejected the plea bargain from Willie on his pot possession case. Does that mean Nelson is a few steps away from going behind bars? It’s certainly not the outcome Nelson probably expected from the marijuana possession case dating back to 2016.

According to Rolling Stone, Willie was busted in November at a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Now it looks like a $500 fine isn’t going to be enough for Nelson to walk away. It appears that Nelson might possibly face jail time-which could reach up to 1 year.

Many folks who will read about this latest marijuana incident will probably be asking, “how old is Willie Nelson and when will he quit smoking pot?” The answer to the first question is 78 years old-the answer to the second question is probably a definitive “no.” Nelson might just be one of the chief spokepersons for legalizing marijuana.

And apparently the prosecution in this case is ready to make one of those Paris Hilton-Lindsay Lohan statements. Nelson, who has many times openly admitted to smoking pot, could wind up in jail just like those other famous celebs. It’s no secret Nelson has been a longtime advocate to legalize marijuana. Now this particular case, if anything, could end up bringing the issue even more publicity. In an ironic twist, the jailing of Willie could perhaps bring about eventual change in terms of marijuana possession and use.

Willie Nelson Going to Jail for Marijuana

It seems highly unlikely that Nelson would end up in jail long term for simple pot possession. It seems though in this case that there are parties who are going to work hard to make sure someone “famous” doesn’t get away with breaking the law. What happens next will be very interesting. The reaction from the general public could range from sympathetic to disgust. There is probably some school of thought that jail time is a long time coming for Nelson.

Should Willie Nelson be treated differently than anyone else? Definitely not. But it seems with some of the statements that Nelson could be treated differently-with a harsher outcome. There’s still a lot to play out in this particular situation and fans of the country music singer will be anxious to see if a 78 year old singer ends up in prison.

On a sidenote, I had an opportunity to see Willie in concert several years ago. One of the interesting things about that concert was the smell of marijuana in the air. Many Nelson fans who also smoke pot might rally around the singer if he were to be locked away. It seems inevitable that fans will be chanting “free Willie” outside the courtroom. Whether it will eventually be a landmark case that leads to the legalization-who knows? But it is certainly an interesting point to ponder.