Marijuana Conspiracy

Historically referred to as hemp seed,
There’s a story behind this plant,
Commonly called a weed.
It’s been growing from the ground ever since creation
And has been used since then by almost every nation.

But in common times
It is a crime
To free this seed
From fledgling germ
To hand of smoker’s need.

They say,
‘There’s a price to pay’
For destroying minds
Even when there’s no proof of that kind.

But proof 101 is for sale
So chemical manufacturers
Are enriching themselves

While Mothers, Students, Rockers, and Stars
Protest drivers leaving their drinking bars
And killing the innocent peoples
Of family and friends gathered at church steeples
While alcoholic consumption remains profitably legal.

Because on this they collect taxes
And donations to ensure no bill passes
That keeps the average American from drinking tall glasses

And losing themselves, day after day,
In that old fashioned way

By drinking to excess
To forget the duress
Of life and its stress.

Having no control
Over their goals
Other than where they’ll seek pay,
Having to shelve their dreams
For school and or work days.

A legal yearly toll
Of a hundred thousand souls
Dumped into corpse holes.

While off to the banker
Laugh these hawkers
‘Ha, ha, ha, he, he, he, ho, ho, ho.’

The families of the dead are irate,
But no action against the guilty can they take.

Not to mean the store owners and shop keeps,
But the politicians in their house and senate seats.

Who make up the laws
While extending their paws

To take collection
For re-election
And to maintain their legal direction
Of alcoholic ingestion.

Because we are under the rule of their thumb,
They treat us like animals: blind, ignorant, and dumb.

And their laws we obey
Even though we’ve had no say.

Is it enough to vote?
When politicians lie by rote
And tote hidden agendas in the pockets of their coats?
And supply, instead of hope, Legal prosecutions
Of what they call ‘dope’?

Ignorant of the benefits of this natural plant
And afraid of those who understand what they can’t

Or won’t take the time to
Lying about it instead,
And making it a crime too.

When California voted
To let sick people tote it,

The feds refused to allow the people’s will to stand,
Enforcing their arbitrary confiscation demands.
They destroyed sick people’s plants,
And took the Divine’s healing gift from their hands.

Stomping in sand
The vote that had become the Law of their land.

This is an example of government’s arbitrary ways,
And the reason why was first declared an Independence Day.

Hundreds of thousands are in jails for weed uses,
While government fails to police capitalistic abuses

Of those who line their re-election coffers
With selective, secretive, selfish donations offers.

The point of such government now, is not the people’s status,
But how much they might tax us,
Without needing to relax us,
From anger at turning their backs on us.

Without proof of their claims that it’s a harmful plant,
They put us in jail and say ‘Smoke It we can’t’,

And for non-violent offenses of their moral pet peeves.
While releasing overcrowding with murderers, rapists, and thieves.

But it’s time to change the laws of this nation
Because Cannabis was placed by Divine Inspiration
And government dispensation
Is not just regulation.

So they should cease and desist with their plant confiscations
And foisting upon us their arbitrary criminal designation.