Synthetic Urine for Drug Test – When To Use It

There are many situations when using synhetic urine for drug test is the best choice. However there are some situations when I wouldn’t recommend it. These situations mostly the supervised drug tests. Its supervised because its something very important, for instance you are applying for a job to the goverment or you are on probation.

These situations however are very rare, I normally I always suggest for everyone to use synthetic urine, because if its high quality that means its bascially undetectable. I reviewed a few fake urine brands already in my previous articles, for more detailed review visit:

If the test is supervised that means someone is going to escort you to the testing room and stand behind you while you are peeing. For these situations you can use synthetic urine belts such as: Incognito belt from Clear Choice, Monkey Dong from Serious Monkey business synthetic urine or the infamous Whizzinator.

To be honest  I wouldn’t suggest these synthetic urine belts because using them is way too risky. If you decide to get one, choose incognito belt because it comes with a bottle of sub solution synthetic urine  which is the best fake urine on the market, and its not too expensive. The whizzinator comes without synthetic urine and it costs twice as much as other synthetic urine belts.

When To Use Synthetic Urine for Drug Test

Synthetic urine for drug test

You can use synthetic urine for random drug test. There are these annoying random drug screenings at many workplace, you can also be tested if you cause an accident. For these scenarios its a good idea to keep a bottle of synthetic urine in your locker.

Again I sugggest you to use Sub Solution, not because this is the best and most complex synthetic urine brand, but because it comes with heat activator powder. If its a random test you won’t have time to heat the urine in microwave and try to figure out what would be the correct temperature.

With sub solution its easy, just add the 1/3 of the powder to the urine, shake it a bit and it will reach the correct temperature within 30 seconds, seriously it couldn’t be easier.

Random drug testing at work is just fucking stupid. I worked at a place that did randoms every month, usually 5 or 6 people would get called in and sent to the hospital to piss in a cup. All it did was cut down on the weed users, and made undetectable shit like oxy and vicodin and stuff that leaves your system quickly much more rampant. The place was full of oxy junkies and coke heads.

Pre Employment Drug Test

Yes you can use fake pee for pre employment drug test. These tests are not “serious” drug test. Its something what is required , but your future employer don’t want you to fail, its just something what must be done. These urine screenings are always unsupervised, so you can take a bottle of synthetic urine in your underwear without getting noticed. I suggest you to keep it in your underwear or  bra if you are a female because lab assistans might search your pockets.

You can use Monkey whizz synthetic urine, Quick fix or Sub Solution as well. You will pass the test with these brands, but if you choose Quick Fix or Monkey whizz, then make sure you heat it up to the correcttemperature at home, submitting a too cold or too warm sample is a sure way to fail.

One more thing I want to mention, and its quite important. In my previous article i reviews the mostpopular synthetic urine brands on the market, as you can see some of these brands are crap even if they are available basically in every single headshop. Just because they are available everywhere and heavily marketed, doesn’t mean they are the best synthetic urine brands. Do not risk your job by purchasing something low quality. Always order it online, and order it in time.

If you have a job interview and you have a strong feeling that they will accept you then better if you order the synthetic urine straight away. Shipping might take a few days, better to be safe. Always order a few days in advance!


My Honest Synthetic Urine Review of The Biggest Brands

There are so many synthetic urine available nowadays, but most of them would fail a simple lab test at Labcorp. The reason is many old synthetic urine brand didn’t update their formula so most labs can catch these fake urine samples very easily. You need to be very lucky to pass a drug test with these low quality, outdated products. In this synthetic urine review I will go through the most popular brands, and draw a conculsion at the end, of what is the best synthetic urine brand in 2017.

In my opinion the worst brands are the old ones, every single new synthetic urine now comes with urea and uric acid, everybody know these compounds are essential, its almost guranteed that you will fail the test if the urine doesn’t contain, Urea, Uric acid and its not balanced for PH and gravity. So here comes my list:
What are the worst fake pee brands for drug test

Magnum Synthetic urine

Magnum brand has many different products, mouthwash for saliva test, Magnum detox drink, Shampoo for hair follicle drug test and of course the infamous Magnum Synthetic urine. You must be very dumb to choose such a low quality brand with terrible reviews. Whenever you choose a detox product, always check the reviews, its essential. If you check some synthetic urine reviews you will see, Magnum fails so many times, probably because it wasn’t updated in the last few years.

U pass synthetic urine

Its also a very famous, but low quality urine, it has mixed reviews, some swear U pass is the best synthetic urine and they passed every single test, but without urea,uric acid, balanced PH level Its hard to believe. It has very unnatural looking radioactive green color, If I were a Lab assistant, I would refuse the sample immediately, even the blind can see its synthetic piss.

Urine luck synthetic urine

Its also a very bad quality fake urine, but for some reasons its quite popular, alamost everybody know or heard about urine luck. Its propably famous because as I know it used to be a good quality urine, but things have changed in the last few years, for some reasons they didn’t update their formula, they sell the same what worked in 2005, but for obvious reasons it doesnt work anymore.

Biocide is the component of most fake urine brands on the market, urine luck, magnum, P sure,U pass, Klean Stream, Agent X synthetic, Ultra Pure synthetic urine, Field Kit synthetic and many more DO contain biocide, this makes the job very easy for labs. They check for biocide only, and this way its almost certain that they will catch people with synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine reviews: What works?

The list is long, I could write a 10.000 words article about low quality brands, but its useless, better if I tell you guys what are the best synthetic urine options. I know these brands work as I always use synthetic urine for drug test, so I had many chance to test them.

Synthetic Urine Reviews
What are the best synthetic urine brands for drug test

In my oinion, the number one synthetic urine is Sub Solution, not just because it contains, urea,uric acid, perfectly balanced PH level, gravity, but it also looks like real human urine. The color is perfect, hell it even comes with some foam on the top. Beside these, it doesn’t contain Biocide, so its one of the few synthetic urine what I would Recommend for a LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics urine test. Sub Solution comes with a flask with thermometer to check the right temperature easily and it also comes with heat activating powder.

All you have to do is to add the 1/3 of the powder from the vial,shake it up and watch the temperature go up. If its not warm enough 94-100C, then add a bit more powder. It comes with very easy to follow instructions, so even completely „beginners „ can pass the test with it. There are two downside of the product, first its not available in smoke shops, you must order it online. To be honest I don’t understand why they don’t make it availbale for regular shops, but till now its only available on their official website.

The other thing is its price, its the most exensive synthetic urine, it costs 75$. Do not misunderstand me, its a great product and absolutely worth its price (does your job or your freedom worth 75$ for you?), but the price is almost the double of the Number 2 product which is Quick fix Synthetic urine.

Quick Fix 6.1 (latest formula with all the essential chemicals) has an excellent reputation, to be honest I am not sure if it contains Bioicde or not, this is one of the reason I can not say its the best synthetic urine. The other problem is, you have to heat it up the oldschool way (microwave) and keeping it on the right temperature can be a bit tricky, actually this is where most people fail.
But its much cheaper than Sub Solution, it costs only 39-45$ and its available in most headshops. If sub Solution is not available, and your piss wont be sent to the lab, then Quick fix Synthetc urine will probably do the job.


Is Willie Nelson Going to Jail for Marijuana?

Is Willie Nelson going to jail for marijuana possession? It appears it could be a possibility for up to one year according to recent reports. According to this story, a West Texas judge has rejected the plea bargain from Willie on his pot possession case. Does that mean Nelson is a few steps away from going behind bars? It’s certainly not the outcome Nelson probably expected from the marijuana possession case dating back to 2016.

According to Rolling Stone, Willie was busted in November at a border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Now it looks like a $500 fine isn’t going to be enough for Nelson to walk away. It appears that Nelson might possibly face jail time-which could reach up to 1 year.

Many folks who will read about this latest marijuana incident will probably be asking, “how old is Willie Nelson and when will he quit smoking pot?” The answer to the first question is 78 years old-the answer to the second question is probably a definitive “no.” Nelson might just be one of the chief spokepersons for legalizing marijuana.

And apparently the prosecution in this case is ready to make one of those Paris Hilton-Lindsay Lohan statements. Nelson, who has many times openly admitted to smoking pot, could wind up in jail just like those other famous celebs. It’s no secret Nelson has been a longtime advocate to legalize marijuana. Now this particular case, if anything, could end up bringing the issue even more publicity. In an ironic twist, the jailing of Willie could perhaps bring about eventual change in terms of marijuana possession and use.

Willie Nelson Going to Jail for Marijuana

It seems highly unlikely that Nelson would end up in jail long term for simple pot possession. It seems though in this case that there are parties who are going to work hard to make sure someone “famous” doesn’t get away with breaking the law. What happens next will be very interesting. The reaction from the general public could range from sympathetic to disgust. There is probably some school of thought that jail time is a long time coming for Nelson.

Should Willie Nelson be treated differently than anyone else? Definitely not. But it seems with some of the statements that Nelson could be treated differently-with a harsher outcome. There’s still a lot to play out in this particular situation and fans of the country music singer will be anxious to see if a 78 year old singer ends up in prison.

On a sidenote, I had an opportunity to see Willie in concert several years ago. One of the interesting things about that concert was the smell of marijuana in the air. Many Nelson fans who also smoke pot might rally around the singer if he were to be locked away. It seems inevitable that fans will be chanting “free Willie” outside the courtroom. Whether it will eventually be a landmark case that leads to the legalization-who knows? But it is certainly an interesting point to ponder.


Marijuana Conspiracy

Historically referred to as hemp seed,
There’s a story behind this plant,
Commonly called a weed.
It’s been growing from the ground ever since creation
And has been used since then by almost every nation.

But in common times
It is a crime
To free this seed
From fledgling germ
To hand of smoker’s need.

They say,
‘There’s a price to pay’
For destroying minds
Even when there’s no proof of that kind.

But proof 101 is for sale
So chemical manufacturers
Are enriching themselves

While Mothers, Students, Rockers, and Stars
Protest drivers leaving their drinking bars
And killing the innocent peoples
Of family and friends gathered at church steeples
While alcoholic consumption remains profitably legal.

Because on this they collect taxes
And donations to ensure no bill passes
That keeps the average American from drinking tall glasses

And losing themselves, day after day,
In that old fashioned way

By drinking to excess
To forget the duress
Of life and its stress.

Having no control
Over their goals
Other than where they’ll seek pay,
Having to shelve their dreams
For school and or work days.

A legal yearly toll
Of a hundred thousand souls
Dumped into corpse holes.

While off to the banker
Laugh these hawkers
‘Ha, ha, ha, he, he, he, ho, ho, ho.’

The families of the dead are irate,
But no action against the guilty can they take.

Not to mean the store owners and shop keeps,
But the politicians in their house and senate seats.

Who make up the laws
While extending their paws

To take collection
For re-election
And to maintain their legal direction
Of alcoholic ingestion.

Because we are under the rule of their thumb,
They treat us like animals: blind, ignorant, and dumb.

And their laws we obey
Even though we’ve had no say.

Is it enough to vote?
When politicians lie by rote
And tote hidden agendas in the pockets of their coats?
And supply, instead of hope, Legal prosecutions
Of what they call ‘dope’?

Ignorant of the benefits of this natural plant
And afraid of those who understand what they can’t

Or won’t take the time to
Lying about it instead,
And making it a crime too.

When California voted
To let sick people tote it,

The feds refused to allow the people’s will to stand,
Enforcing their arbitrary confiscation demands.
They destroyed sick people’s plants,
And took the Divine’s healing gift from their hands.

Stomping in sand
The vote that had become the Law of their land.

This is an example of government’s arbitrary ways,
And the reason why was first declared an Independence Day.

Hundreds of thousands are in jails for weed uses,
While government fails to police capitalistic abuses

Of those who line their re-election coffers
With selective, secretive, selfish donations offers.

The point of such government now, is not the people’s status,
But how much they might tax us,
Without needing to relax us,
From anger at turning their backs on us.

Without proof of their claims that it’s a harmful plant,
They put us in jail and say ‘Smoke It we can’t’,

And for non-violent offenses of their moral pet peeves.
While releasing overcrowding with murderers, rapists, and thieves.

But it’s time to change the laws of this nation
Because Cannabis was placed by Divine Inspiration
And government dispensation
Is not just regulation.

So they should cease and desist with their plant confiscations
And foisting upon us their arbitrary criminal designation.


The latest news about how long marijuana stays in system

Many people in recent times use the most modern technologies and professional services as per their requirements. They have a dedication to enhancing all aspects of their lifestyle without any complexity. If you seek how long marijuana stay in your system and how to avoid a positive result in the drug test, then you have to consider a wide range of things.

You may fall in love with the marijuana for your recreational purpose and fail to quit it. Even though you have consumed any amount of this drug without a prescription, you have to be conscious on other factors that increase the positive or negative effects caused by this drug.

The type of test you take for the marijuana is one of the main factors behind whether you can avoid a positive test or not. If you make contact with your doctor and discuss a lot about the marijuana test, then you can clarify your doubts and improve various aspects of your health without compromising your wishes on the recreational things on the whole.

Individuals who do exercises and follow a healthy diet plan can easily get a negative result regardless of when they have consumed a small amount of marijuana. This is because this drug is mostly stored in unhealthy fat tissues in the body.

Teenagers and adults in recent times think about how long this illegal drug stay in their body and whether they get a positive result in the drug test conducted by officials. The total amount of time marijuana and its related things stay in the human depend on the overall health condition, lifestyle, diet plan and exercises. You have to understand and remember this fact. You will get rid of obstacles on your drug test path and avoid a positive result in this test as expected.